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Op On Screen 2011 Women (NYC)

If you’re in NYC in December and January check out don’t miss the Lower East Side Performance Arts presentation of:
Op On Screen 2011 Women
Screenings of opera and music theater composed by women

Hamilton Fish Public Library, Community Room
415 Houston Street (Ave D)
More information: http://lesperformingarts.org/

Judith Sainte Croix
Sat. December 3 2011
Visionary Dance

Rachel Mason
Sat. December 17 2011
LIVE PERFORMANCE: songs from Rachel Mason’s work in progress The Lives of Hamilton Fish.

Elodie Lauten
Sat. January 14, 2012 at 2pm
The Death of Don Juan
The storyline follows the cathartic experience of Don Juan facing Death not as the Grim Reaper, but as a haunting by multiple female spirits who remind him of the women in his life. In Don Juan Reflects, drunk, he boasts of his conquests but soon begins to doubt himself and lingers on the anxious thought of being replaceable. In Vision, at the moment of death, he sees his life unfold before his eyes. In Death as a Shadow, surrounded by powerful Death multiples he is at once frightened and seduced. He duets tenderly with Death, but his triumph becomes a rant and the duet becomes a Duel. In Despair, he feels the pain of unrequited love, having failed to seduce Death, while Death multiples drive him to Insanity. In that mad moment of surrender, he loses his ego-self, which becomes his path to Enlightenment, and he makes his final Exit, followed by the Kyrie where he is ultimately forgiven.