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New CD - Eleanor Hovda

The Eleanor Hovda Collection - 4 CD Box featuring four hours of her incomparable work
The 'sound around the sound'. Listening to the margins, where space, breath, and gesture open new territories where music might operate. Extended techniques join a Noh sensibility. Meet Eleanor Hovda's extraordinary, rigorous yet wispy, soundworld. Beloved of choreographers (including Baryshnikov and Nancy Meehan).
Performed by: Prism Players, Eleanor Hovda, Libby Van Cleve, Jack Vees, Relache, William McGlaughlin, Cassatt String Quartet, California EAR Unit, Jan Weller, David Gilbert, Elizabeth Panzer, Lee Humphries, Dan Coody & Jeannine Wagar, among others.
Innova 808 - The Label of the American Composers Forum