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New Acquistion - CD Anne LeBaron

Anne LeBaron (Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1953) is one of the most vital composers of the post-war generation. Her overall aesthetic is steeped in the sound world of the European-American avant-garde of the mid-twentieth century, but like others of her post-war generation, LeBaron rejects the premise of stylistic continuity that underlies much classical music. LeBaron's aesthetic is defined by supplementation: The sound world of the European/American avant-garde is supplemented with a host of others-popular music, jazz, historical styles of the classical tradition, religious music, and so on.
Pope Joan and Transfiguration, were released in 2007. Both compositions are theatrical works for soprano and chamber ensemble. These works both use a variety of vocal delivery, from aria-like melodic singing to recitative-like declamation to impassive chanting. Pope Joan will be broadcasted on August 3 via Radio Monalisa.
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