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New CD - Meininger Trio

Voices of the Rainforest
Works by Elisenda Fábregas, Libby Larsen, Chen Yi & Kate Waring
Aller-Zeitung review of the trio’s live performance earlier this year: "Enthusiasted audience listens breathlessly - Elisenda Fábregas' Voices of the Rainforest leads the three instrumentalists technically and harmonically together in a way that makes the audience listen breathlessly. The musicians with special sounds and breathing technics as well as knocking and pizzicato effects converted brilliantly the awakening birdcalls in the morning, the filtering light through the trees, the buzzing of the insects, the final breakdown of raindrops and the voices of the night into very lively pictures".
PH110390 - Hänssler Edition
The Meininger Trio