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New Acquisition - CD Johanna Beyer

During her life, Johanna Beyer's music received very few performances and her work was almost completely overlooked for about fifty years after her death. She is one of the pioneering figures of the experimental strain in contemporary American music. Her work has long lain undiscovered and unperformed because of the lack of adequate performing editions. However, many of her works are now available in authoritative editions, making it possible for her music to finally be introduced to the public more than a half-century after they were composed. This double-CD set, featuring world premiere recordings of all the works, is the first ever devoted entirely to Beyer's music.
Works from this CD will be broadcasted in September on Radio Monalisa.
Johanna Beyer: Sticky Melodies
Astra Chamber Music Society, John McCaughey, director
New World Records 80678 (2 CDs)
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