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Dutch Premiere - Vanessa Lann

Arlecchino Unmasked* is a new piece by Vanessa Lann for blockflute, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion. This work was written on request for the Black Pencil project Buffoni! which takes as its inspiration the musical, visual, theatrical and improvisational styles of the Commedia dell'arte of the seventeenth century. The piece questions the way in which we associate repeated patterns and gestures with characters, or roles, within a group of performers. Which players are most in control of the flow of the story being told? Which elements in their parts cause certain players to enjoy a higher status than others?

The ensemble will combine this programme with their new "Kaiseki" programme, which includes works by Arnoud Noordegraaf, Roderik de Man, Robert van Heumen, Marcel Wierckx, and Noriko Koide.

February 13, 2015 - 20.15
Eduard Flipse Zaal - De Doelen - Rotterdam