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New CD - Lois V Vierk

Words Fail Me is the title of a new anthology of works by Lois V Vierk (Ilinois, 1951). Although her music is not overtly programmatic, she often draws formal and poetic inspiration from dualistic images of the natural world, including the astronomical phenomenon of an eclipsing binary star, the border of a forest at elevation, and the mysterious power of the sea below its calm surface.
To Stare Astonished at the Sea (1994) - Claudia Rüegg, piano
Demon Star (1996) - Theodore Mook, cello; Matthew Gold, marimba
Timberline (1991) - Relâche: Laurel Wyckoff, fute; Ken Ulansey, clarinet; Chuck Holdeman, bassoon; Kathleen Carroll, viola; Douglas Mapp, bass; John Dulik, piano; Helen Carnevale, percussion; Lloyd Shorter, conductor
Words Fail Me (2005) - Theodore Mook, cello; Margaret Kampmeier, piano

New World Records 80766-2