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New CD - Frances White

The chamber opera She Lost Her Voice That’s, How We Knew by Frances White is now available on CD. This recording of the chamber opera for solo voice and electronic sound was a collaboration with soprano Kristin Norderval and Valeria Vasilevski, who directed and wrote the libretto.
The opera moves through situations of trauma or awe, exploring the necessity to put into words what is unspeakable. Valeria based her text on conversations that took place at the beginning of their collaboration. They talked about many things, including some of the most profound events in their lives: times of trauma, death, awe, wonder. At these moments, experiences beyond words, they were at a loss of words and lost their voices and fell silent. She Lost Her Voice, That’s How We Knew grew from this insight.
She Lost Her Voice, That’s How We Knew
Ravello Records 7915