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February 2015

Extempore - Marion von Tilzer

With Extempore, producer Bert van der Wolf realises the dream from his youth. Since he was three years old he was fascinated by the sounds of the piano. Not having the talent to play at the highest rankings, he sought after his dream being a classical music producer. His dream to ever make an album with just the sounds of the piano never did leave him. When he, separately from each other, met the three Secret Key Masters, and heard them play, he knew he had found his dream team en invited him to his studio. For him, Marion von Tilzer, Michael Gees and Frans Ehlhart played their own music, improvised, and reacted on each other. While doing so, the microphones were recording, and two days later there was this very special album...
Challenge Records - CC72656

concerttip - Rozalie Hirs

Op vrijdag 20 februari 2015 spelen Fie Schouten (basklarinet), Wiek Hijmans (electrische gitaar), Marieke Franssen (fluit), Christian Karlsen (dirigent) en Arne Bock (klankprojectie in de zaal) vier instrumentale werken met elektronische klanken door Rozalie Hirs.
Verder staan op het programma een aantal van haar muziekcomposities op eigen tekst, die Hirs zelf uitvoert. Daarnaast leest ze gedichten uit gestamelde werken (Amsterdam: Querido, 2012) voor. Het concert is onderdeel van een thema-weekend rond muziek en poëzie, samengesteld door Sylvia Stoetzer.
OSTADE A'DAM - 20.30 uur

New CD - Barbara Monk Feldman

The compositions on this disc Soft Horizons, like many of Barbara Monk Feldman's works, have a strong connection to specific locations, and take their inspiration from landscapes the composer has known and experienced—not as literal depictions in sound, but as abstracted impressions of the colors, textures, and atmospheres evoked by these special places.
Aki Takahashi, piano; FLUX Quartet (Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris, violins; Max Mandel, viola; Felix Fan, cello); The DownTown Ensemble (Margaret Lancaster, flute; Daniel Goode, clarinet; Larry Polansky, guitar, mandolin; Joseph Kubera, piano; Chris Nappi, vibraphone)
Listen to tracks of this new CD via Radio Monalisa

Barbara Monk Feldman - Soft Horizons
New World Records 80765-2

Dutch Premiere - Vanessa Lann

Arlecchino Unmasked* is a new piece by Vanessa Lann for blockflute, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion. This work was written on request for the Black Pencil project Buffoni! which takes as its inspiration the musical, visual, theatrical and improvisational styles of the Commedia dell'arte of the seventeenth century. The piece questions the way in which we associate repeated patterns and gestures with characters, or roles, within a group of performers. Which players are most in control of the flow of the story being told? Which elements in their parts cause certain players to enjoy a higher status than others?

The ensemble will combine this programme with their new "Kaiseki" programme, which includes works by Arnoud Noordegraaf, Roderik de Man, Robert van Heumen, Marcel Wierckx, and Noriko Koide.

February 13, 2015 - 20.15
Eduard Flipse Zaal - De Doelen - Rotterdam

News - Natalia Dominguez Rangel

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam recently purchased Ruins in Reverse an installation by artists Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs. The sound piece was made by Natalia Dominguez Rangel and the installation has been extended to February 22nd February on the electric escalators in the museum.
Read the press release (in Dutch) here>>

Natalia Dominguez Rangel made the music for a new performance piece by Sonja Jokiniemi entitled HMM.
Een vrouw zoekt haar weg in een landschap van schijnbaar willekeurige objecten. Tastend, schuifelend, struikelend. Het lijkt een wereld zonder samenhang, een verwarrend universum waarin de dingen en de klanken geen betekenis hebben. Toch ontstaat er, haast onvermijdelijk, een verhaal. Hmm verkent het overgangsgebied van chaos naar orde, van zinloosheid naar betekenis, van ongedifferentieerd geluid naar taal. Een spannende tocht langs de rafelranden van de menselijke ervaring.
Performances duringthe Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam
February 12-13-14 - 19.00 uur
Location: Frascati 3

An Evening of Today

This is a collective creative event in which six young professional composers collaborate with the musicians of the Nieuw Ensemble offering an evening of musical diversity in the main hall of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Amsterdam. Through musical and visual means, lighting, magic and theatrical elements, the composers and production team are currently working together to present an evening of live and immersive contemporary music, offering to the audience an exciting glimpse of 2015’s new music scene.
With music by Genevieve Murphy and Petra Strahovnik (a.o.) and Larysa Bauge, conducting.
Thursday, 12 February 2015 - 20.15 uur
Muziekgebouw aan het IJ