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January 2016

New CD - Corrie van Binsbergen

With VANBINSBERGEN PLAYSTATION Corrie van Binsbergen picks up the threads of her instrumental earlier bands. After twelve years of mainly focusing on projects with literature and composing for large contemporary ensembles, theater and film, the time was ripe for this energetic all-star superband. Like before there are no boundaries, no limiting styles, but her own: energetic, bold and playful. A dynamic live CD!
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Wereldpremière - Vanessa Lann

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (2015) for bass clarinet quartet
This work was commissioned for the second edition of Basklarinet Festijn, a mini-festival focussing on new music for multiple bass clarinets (improvised, notated and everything in between); exciting approaches to bass clarinet technique, performance, and education; as well as the multifaceted sound possibilities of the bass clarinet in combination with itself and other instruments.

January 24, 2016 - 20.30 (WORLD PREMIERE)
Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam
January 28, 2016 - 20.00
Wilminktheater, Enschede (Walter Boeykens Clarinet Festival)
January 29, 2016 - 20.30
Bimhuis, Amsterdam

Women Organ Composers -
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New CD - Mette Henriette

The untitled ECM double album debut of Norwegian saxophonist, composer and improviser Mette Henriette (Norway, 1980) is an arrestingly original musical statement. Jazz players and classical players are drawn together in her ensemble, but the music shapes its own world, outside genre definitions.
Disc 1 features trio music with Mette Henriette, pianist Johan Lindvall and cellist Katrine Schiøtt. Disc Two has Mette’s “sinfonietta” with thirteen players. Read some press reviews here: ECM 2460/61
And listen to a track in Radio Monalisa on Sunday January 10th.

Calliope Tsoupaki - Composer vd Maand bij De Concertzender

In januari is Calliope Tsoupaki componist van de maand.
Zij studeerde in 1988 af aan het Hellinicion Conservatorium en vervolgde haar studie in Nederland. Tegenwoordig woont en werkt ze nog altijd in Nederland. Ze gebruikt voor haar muziek elementen uit oude en hedendaagse muziek van Griekenland en het Midden-Oosten. Haar oeuvre telt inmiddels meer dan 70 werken, variërend van opera tot multimediaprojecten. Afgelopen najaar werd haar opera Mariken in de Tuin der Lusten door heel het land opgevoerd met een groot aantal voorstellingen.
Dinsdag 5 januari, 18:00 uur
Maandag 11 januari, 14:00 uur
Donderdag 14 januari, 10:00 uur