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July 2014

New Acquistion - CD Anne LeBaron

Anne LeBaron (Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1953) is one of the most vital composers of the post-war generation. Her overall aesthetic is steeped in the sound world of the European-American avant-garde of the mid-twentieth century, but like others of her post-war generation, LeBaron rejects the premise of stylistic continuity that underlies much classical music. LeBaron's aesthetic is defined by supplementation: The sound world of the European/American avant-garde is supplemented with a host of others-popular music, jazz, historical styles of the classical tradition, religious music, and so on.
Pope Joan and Transfiguration, were released in 2007. Both compositions are theatrical works for soprano and chamber ensemble. These works both use a variety of vocal delivery, from aria-like melodic singing to recitative-like declamation to impassive chanting. Pope Joan will be broadcasted on August 3 via Radio Monalisa.
New World Records 80663-2
New World Records: We are dedicated to the documentation of American music that is largely ignored by the commercial recording companies.

New CD - Glamour Tango

GlamourTango marks a multimedia show of music and dance, theatrical set and lighting, created as a tribute to those women who quietly wrote the pages of Tango from the very beginning. This is a unique approach within the Tango style, since all performing artists on this show are female. A new CD release by includes compositions by Eladia Blazquez and Rosa Rodríguez Quiroga, among others.
Polly Ferman's Glamour Tango - Tango in Feminine Form - 4Tay - CD 4037

New CD - Karen Mantler

Karen Mantler (New York, 1966) is back, with a new collection of songs about the human condition and troubles large and small. Nonchalantly and disarmingly, Karen sings of homeless people in the park, the disappearance of friends, the frustrations of being monolingual, the challenge of improvisation, music with a mind of its own, and encounters with bill collectors, lawyers, snowstorms, and ash-spewing volcanoes. Through it all she sounds like a survivor, monitoring mishaps with deadpan humour.
Business is Bad
Xtra Watt 14

Première - Vanessa Lann

moonshadow sunshadow, a new violin duo by Vanessa Lann, will be performed at the opening of the Delft Chamber Music Festival.
With violinists Liza Ferschtman and Esther Hoppe.
25 juli 2014 - 20.15 uur - Van der Mandele Zaal, Delft

New CD - Tineke Postma

Sonic Halo is het nieuwe album van Tineke Postma en Greg Osby. De Nederlandse Edisonwinnares en de Amerikaanse jazz-ster zullen het album op het North Sea Jazz Festival 2014 presenteren. Op het album staat moderne, groovy muziek. Een opname met twee sopraansaxofonisten is ongebruikelijk en werd zelden eerder uitgebracht. Desondanks komen de stijlen van de twee muzikanten prachtig samen. Osby's moderne spel laat conceptuele en akoestische geluiden horen die samen komen met de melodische, Europese achtergrond van Postma.
Het is drie jaar geleden dat Tineke haar laatste album uitbracht. Het album laat haar muzikale ontwikkeling van de afgelopen jaren zien, welke sterk werd beïnvloed door haar lange verblijven in New York en optredens met de top van de Amerikaanse jazzscene.

Judith Weir - Master of the Queen's Music

Queen Elizabeth has had four masters of music: Judith Weir will be her fifth, more than any other monarch.
The Queen is to appoint the first woman to the prestigious post of master of the Queen’s music since the position was created almost 400 years ago.
Judith Weir will become the successor to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies in Buckingham Palace next month.
Listen to Radio Monalisa on Sunday, July 6th, when we will broadcast music by Judith Weir.