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Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté (Russia, 1899- Canada, 1974)
Weihnacht, Fern Von Der Heimat (1953) for choir; Molto Sostenuto, arrangement for string orchestra of the slow movement of the String Quartet No 1 (1926); Lichter! Üb'rall Lichter! (1953) for choir; Triple Concerto for trumpet, clarinet and bassoon (1949); In Der Weihnachtlich Geschmückten Stube (1953) for choir; fragments from the February Suite (1934) for violin and piano
12-06-2022—> on-demand
Ina Bottelier (NL, 1943-2022) - Fête des Oiseaux (1979) for flute and guitar; 5 Cinquins on poems by Adelaide Crapsey (2010) for voice and accordion; Electrikon (1988) for solo guitar
Isabella Leonarda (Italy, 1620-1704) - Ave suavis dilectio; Sonata Duodecima for violin and organ; Beatus Vir; Sonata Nona; Sonata No. 12

22-05-2022 —> on-demand
Augusta Holmès (France, 1847-1903) La Haine (1882) art song; Irlande (1882) symphonic poem; Le Chateau du rêve (1903) art song; Two Pieces (1900) for clarinet and piano; Chanson lointain (1900) art song; Ouverture pour une comédie (1870); L’opprimée (1887) art song; La Nuit et l'amour (1888) symphonic poem
08-05-2022—> on-demand
Julia Perry (1924-1979) - I’m a Poor Lil’ Orphan (1950) spiritual; A Short Piece for Orchestra (1952); Free At Last (1950) spiritual; Homunculus, C.F. (1960) for Ten Percussionists; Stabat Mater (1947) for alto and strings; Prelude (1946) for solo piano
Hazel Leach (UK, 1956) - Holding Pattern (2018); Do Not Go (2020) for orchestra
Cécile Chaminade (France, 1857-1944) - Pas des cymbales (1887) for piano 4 hands

24-04-2022—> on-demand
Annea Lockwood (New Zealand/USA, 1939)
RCSC (2001) for solo (prepared) piano; Thirst (2008) a tape composition; In Full Bloem Parts I & II (1990) for an ensemble of oboes and clarinets, didjeridus, gongs, conches and trombones and frame drums and voice; Monkey Trips (1995) for strings, winds and percussion
10-04-2022—> on-demand
Marguerite Monnot (France, 1903-1961) - Ouverture Irma la Douce (1956); Mon légionnere; From Irma La Douce: Language of Love & From a Prison cell; Quand tu seras dan mes bras; The Poor People of Paris; L’Étranger; L’Escale, Hymne à l'amour
Katarzyna Arnold (Poland, 1968) - Laughing like a rustle of dry leaves (1998) for solo violin; In the Alchemy of the World's Dream (2005) for soprano and two amplified recorders

27-03-2022—> on-demand
Marta Ptaszyńska (Poland, 1943)
Scherzo(1967) for xylophone and piano; Concerto for marimba and orchestra (1985); from Songs of Despair and Loneliness: (1988) Come away, come away death; Canción de Jinete; Touracou (1974) for solo harpsichord
13-03-2022—> on-demand
Margaret Bonds (Illinois, 1913-1972)
To a brown girl dead (1933) art song; Troubled Water (1967) for solo piano; Three Dream Portraits (1959) arranged for harp and voice; first movement from the Montgomery Variations (1964); The Ballad of the Brown King (1954) chorus, soloists, and orchestra; Spiritual Suite for solo piano; The Negro Speaks of Rivers (1942) art song

27-02-2022—> on-demand
Cécile Chaminade (France, 1857-1944)
Chanson Bretonne (1893) for solo piano; Konzertstück in C-sharp minor for piano and orchestra (1888); Chanson Triste (1898) art song; Concertino in D major (1902) for flute and orchestra; Chanson Slave (1880) art song; Piano Trio No. 2 in A minor (1886); Sérénade Espagnole (1895) for violin and piano
13-02-2022—> on-demand
Ruth Schonthal
(Germany, 1924-New York, 2006) - uit Fiestas y Danzas: Fiesta (1961) for solo piano
Rieteke H
ölscher (NL, 1968) - Flarden (2021) for 16 bassoons
Ruth Schonthal
(Germany, 1924-New York, 2006) - from Wildunger Liederzyklus (1992-1999): Manchmal hör ich; Music for Horn and Chamber Orchestra (1978); String Quartet No.1 (1962)
Julie Cooper (UK,1962) - Contemplation Suite: Dawn, Day Dusk and Dream (2020) for soprano and ensemble

23-01-2022—> on-demand
Elodie Lauten (Paris, 1950 – NY, 2015) - Cat Counterpoint (1986) for solo piano
Hanna Kulenty (Poland, 1961) - Tap-Blow-Dance4 (2020) for two bass clarinets, cello and vibraphone
Elodie Lauten (Paris, 1950 – NY, 2015) – from the Deus Ex Machina Cycle: The Two Infinities (1995) for two sopranos, baritone, harpsichord, string quartet, flute; Movements 1 - 6 from the Concerto voor piano and orchestral memory (1984) piano, tape, synthesizer, cello, trombone, violin, viola
09-01-2022—> on-demand
Elisabeth Kuyper (NL, 1877-1953) - from Sechs Lieder: Der Pfeil und das Lied (1922) art song ; Concerto in B minor for violin and orchestra (1908)
Henriëtte Bosmans (NL, 1895-1952) - Lied voor Spanje (1951) art song; Trois Impressions (1926) for cello and piano
Lera Auerbach (Russia, 1978) - from the 24 Preludes for violin and piano: No.12