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New CD - Réa Beaumont

A Conversation Piece (Thème de conversation) is the latest release by Canadian pianist/composer Réa Beaumont. With music by Canadian composers R. Murray Schafer, Jean Coulthard, John Weinzwieg and also Maurice Ravel. Her composition Shatterd Ice (2013) is a world premiere recording and will be broadcasted on Radio Monalisa on April 5th.

Shrinking Planet Productions (SPP 0090)

New CD - Sinikka Langeland

ished heaven is the latest ECM release with music by Sinikka Langeland (Norway, 1961), a traditional folk singer and musician, known for combining traditional music with elements of jazz. She plays the Finnish National Instrument kantele (sort of zither), but she is also known for her "runesanger" and traditional "kveding".
The Half-Finished Heaven is truly pan-Nordic music, and she becomes a one-woman Nordic Council when she brings together Finnish and Norwegian jazz and classical performers and sets major Nordic poems to music. This time she sings three poems by Tomas Tranströmer, but her main focus is on newly composed instrumental music, some of which is based on traditional music from Finnskogen.
ECM Records 2377

Extempore - Marion von Tilzer

With Extempore, producer Bert van der Wolf realises the dream from his youth. Since he was three years old he was fascinated by the sounds of the piano. Not having the talent to play at the highest rankings, he sought after his dream being a classical music producer. His dream to ever make an album with just the sounds of the piano never did leave him. When he, separately from each other, met the three Secret Key Masters, and heard them play, he knew he had found his dream team en invited him to his studio. For him, Marion von Tilzer, Michael Gees and Frans Ehlhart played their own music, improvised, and reacted on each other. While doing so, the microphones were recording, and two days later there was this very special album...
Challenge Records - CC72656

New CD - Barbara Monk Feldman

The compositions on this disc Soft Horizons, like many of Barbara Monk Feldman's works, have a strong connection to specific locations, and take their inspiration from landscapes the composer has known and experienced—not as literal depictions in sound, but as abstracted impressions of the colors, textures, and atmospheres evoked by these special places.
Aki Takahashi, piano; FLUX Quartet (Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris, violins; Max Mandel, viola; Felix Fan, cello); The DownTown Ensemble (Margaret Lancaster, flute; Daniel Goode, clarinet; Larry Polansky, guitar, mandolin; Joseph Kubera, piano; Chris Nappi, vibraphone)
Listen to tracks of this new CD via Radio Monalisa

Barbara Monk Feldman - Soft Horizons
New World Records 80765-2

New CD - Folk Songs

ENSEMBLE EXPERIMENTAL is connected to the the EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO des SWR and views itself as an instrumental research group for music with live electronics. The members have been associated with the EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO as soloists for decades. They attempt with special commitment to do justice to the rehearsal and concert conditions specific to advanced live electronic music. The newest release is Folk Songs - Luciano Berio's work from 1964 opens the CD and includes new compositions by Francis Nurulla-Khoja, Marta Gentilucci, Mariana Ungureanu and Jamilia Jazybekova (all of them world premiere recordings). These works will be broadcasted on December 7, 2014 in Radio Monalisa.
NEO CD 11316

New CD - Konstantia Gourzi

The Greek composer and conductor Konstantia Gourzi studied in Athens and Berlin. Today she is recognized as one of contemporary music’s most important champions: like Pierre Boulez and György Ligeti, a prizewinner of the ‘Christoph and Stephan Kaske Stiftung’.
Her new CD, Music for piano and string quartet is just out, and features these musicians: Lorenda Ramou, piano Ensemble Coriolis: Heather Cottrell violin, Susanna Pietsch violin, Klaus-Peter Werani viola, Hanno Simons, cello
Tracks from this CD will be broadcasted on November 16th in Radio Monalisa.
ECM New Series 2309

New CD - Kate Moore

Dances and Canons is the debut ECM recording of both composer Kate Moore and pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. Moore was born in England in 1979 and lives now in the Netherlands. However, it is Australia, where she grew up, which has left the strongest impression on her creative imagination, its teeming natural soundscapes transmuted in her music of hypnotically-swarming pulse patterns and shifting, layered planes of sound.
In Dutch pianist Lankhoorn (also born 1979), Moore has a dedicated and resourceful interpreter. “It’s impossible to listen to this music,” writes George Miller in the liner note, “and not wonder about the enormous technical demands it makes of the performer.” Moore and Lankhoorn have collaborated regularly since 2003. As well as compositions for solo piano, the program includes pieces for two pianos, four pianos and multiple pianos, realized in the Auditorio svizzera, Lugano, with Manfred Eicher as producer.
Tracks from this CD will be broadcasted on October 26th in Radio Monalisa.
ECM NEW Series 2344

New CD - Sonja Schwedersky

In 2011 besloot Sonja Schwedersky een vijftal liederen te componeren op gedichten van de beroemde Chileense dichter en Nobelprijswinnaar Pablo Neruda. Het resultaat is verschenen op cd met andere kamermuziekwerken van Sonja én werken van Astor Piazzolla en Carlos Gardel.
Meer info over deze componiste en CD is hier te vinden.
In het programma van19 oktober worden een aantal werken van deze CD uitgezonden tijdens Radio Monalisa.

New Acquisition - CD Corrie van Binsbergen

self portrait in pale blue is de eerste solo album van Corrie van Binsbergen. Dat het ooit zover kwam is niet al te toevallig. Een paar jaar terug gaf Corrie een concert in Amsterdam, tijdens een Monalisa Matinee. Zij speelde toen just like that, en maakte veel indruk. Met 13 stukken duik je in haar muzikale wereld. Lees hier een recensie over hoe het allemaal tot stand is gekomen.
Brokken Records

New CD - Sofia Gubaidulina

Within the output of Sofia Gubaidulina, solo and chamber music occupies a position of prominence; she has written more than eighty such works. One of the earliest is a guitar solo and dates from 1960 and the longest work Sotto Voce for viola, double bass and two guitars finds is a world premiere recording. This varied and fascinating journey into the world of Sofia Gubaidulina’s chamber music is given us by a Munich-based group of eminent musicians.
BIS 2056 (Super Audio CD)

New CD - Galina Ustvolskaya

Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006) insisted that she wrote no chamber music: instrumentation alone could be no index of her music’s intentions. Her works are infused, she said, with a religious spirit, and the powerful, rhythmic stringency of the music testifies to the relentlessness of her vision. Although Shostakovich had been one of her teachers, Ustvolskaya maintained that her music resembled that of no other composer, living or dead, and put herself outside all stylistic “schools”. She followed only her own austere, unforgiving path.
This is new recording features the phenomenal Patricia Kopatchinskaya (recently described by Strings magazine as the most exciting violinist in the world), pianist Markus Hinterhäuser and clarinet player Reto Bieri.

In October these works will be broadcasted on Radio Monalisa.
ECM New Series 2329

New CD - Gloria Coates

Gloria Coates has been composing for more than 50 years. Her work is complex, polyrhythmic, dissonant and has a broad expressive and emotional range. At Midnightt, her first CD on the Tzadik label presents a varied program of music for solo piano, a string quartet, a violin concerto, a work for bass and piano and an interesting piece for two tuning guitars. See this as an historic release by one of the world's most courageous and original musical pioneers.
Tzadik Records 8096

New Acquisition - CD Johanna Beyer

During her life, Johanna Beyer's music received very few performances and her work was almost completely overlooked for about fifty years after her death. She is one of the pioneering figures of the experimental strain in contemporary American music. Her work has long lain undiscovered and unperformed because of the lack of adequate performing editions. However, many of her works are now available in authoritative editions, making it possible for her music to finally be introduced to the public more than a half-century after they were composed. This double-CD set, featuring world premiere recordings of all the works, is the first ever devoted entirely to Beyer's music.
Works from this CD will be broadcasted in September on Radio Monalisa.
Johanna Beyer: Sticky Melodies
Astra Chamber Music Society, John McCaughey, director
New World Records 80678 (2 CDs)
New World Records: We are dedicated to the documentation of American music that is largely ignored by the commercial recording companies.

New CD - Renate Jörg

Und schiefe Scheitel kämmt der Wind (En scheve scheidingen kamt de wind) is de titel van de nieuwe cd van Renate Jörg. Zij is componist en zangeres en begeleid zichzelf op accordeon en piano. Stukken met meditatieve klanken en sobere muzikale motieven staan tegenover temperamentvolle, ritmische liederen. Op gedichten van o.a. Christian Morgenstern en Rainer Maria Rilke. "Ik heb gedichten uitgezocht, die gelegenheid geven voor een muzikale interpretatie. Het moest een combinatie worden waarin de muziek het ritme en de melodie van de teksten kon oppakken en een fijnzinnige reactie op de tekst kon geven".
Een aantal tracks worden uitgezonden op 24 augustus via Radio Monalisa.
CD presentatie: zondag, 7 september, 16:00 uur
Huis de Pinto, St. Antoniebreestraat 69

New Acquistion - CD Shih-Hui Chen

Goddard Lieberson Fellowship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters states, “Among the composers of Asian descent living in the U.S.A., Shih-Hui Chen (Taiwan, 1962) is most successful in balancing the very refined spectral traditions of the East with the polyphonic practice of Western art-music. In a seamless narrative, her beautiful music, always highly inventive and expressive, is immediately as appealing as it is demanding and memorable.”
Returning Souls - the five compositions by Shih-Hui Chen on this cd can be considered variations of an "ethnic style": they reflect her experiences of being able to return to Taiwan for a year in 2010.
A number of these works will be broadcasted on August 17th on Radio Monalisa.
New World Records - 80746-2
New World Records: We are dedicated to the documentation of American music that is largely ignored by the commercial recording companies.

New CD - Glamour Tango

GlamourTango marks a multimedia show of music and dance, theatrical set and lighting, created as a tribute to those women who quietly wrote the pages of Tango from the very beginning. This is a unique approach within the Tango style, since all performing artists on this show are female. A new CD release by includes compositions by Eladia Blazquez and Rosa Rodríguez Quiroga, among others.
Polly Ferman's Glamour Tango - Tango in Feminine Form - 4Tay - CD 4037

New CD - Karen Mantler

Karen Mantler (New York, 1966) is back, with a new collection of songs about the human condition and troubles large and small. Nonchalantly and disarmingly, Karen sings of homeless people in the park, the disappearance of friends, the frustrations of being monolingual, the challenge of improvisation, music with a mind of its own, and encounters with bill collectors, lawyers, snowstorms, and ash-spewing volcanoes. Through it all she sounds like a survivor, monitoring mishaps with deadpan humour.
Business is Bad
Xtra Watt 14

New CD - Tineke Postma

Sonic Halo is het nieuwe album van Tineke Postma en Greg Osby. De Nederlandse Edisonwinnares en de Amerikaanse jazz-ster zullen het album op het North Sea Jazz Festival 2014 presenteren. Op het album staat moderne, groovy muziek. Een opname met twee sopraansaxofonisten is ongebruikelijk en werd zelden eerder uitgebracht. Desondanks komen de stijlen van de twee muzikanten prachtig samen. Osby's moderne spel laat conceptuele en akoestische geluiden horen die samen komen met de melodische, Europese achtergrond van Postma.
Het is drie jaar geleden dat Tineke haar laatste album uitbracht. Het album laat haar muzikale ontwikkeling van de afgelopen jaren zien, welke sterk werd beïnvloed door haar lange verblijven in New York en optredens met de top van de Amerikaanse jazzscene.

New CD - Hiromi

Alive is het nieuwe album van de Japanse pianiste Hiromi met negen eigen gecomponeerde nummers welke volgens Hiromi staan voor de fases van het leven waar iedereen mee te maken krijgt tussen de geboorte en de dood. Daarnaast staat de titel Alive voor de vier jaar dat ze met het trio live speelt, het album "ademt, groeit, veranderd en evolueert".

Just out, the latest release of this phenominal jazz pianist/componist. Marian McPartland about Hiromi in 2010: "It was very exciting having her on my program; I don't know where she got her technique. I think it's natural. And I think she is going to go very far." Hiromi was born in Shizuoka, Japan, in 1979, and took her first piano lessons at age 6. As a student, she absorbed a range of musical styles, and by age 17, she'd performed with both the Czech Philharmonic and Chick Corea. Her jazz mentors include Ahmad Jamal and veteran bassist Richard Evans.
From June 25 through the 29th she is performing with The Trio Project at the Blue Note in New York. Thereafter off for a European tour. See her website for a date where she will be near you!

featuring Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips
Telarc 35307-02

New CD - Composers' Orchestra Berlin

The COB is a large orchestra, with strings, horns and rhythm section, founded in autumn 2010 by composer & conductor Hazel Leach. The members of the orchestra are not only improvising instrumentalists, but are also the composers. There is no fixed line-up: the composers can select instruments from the pool, to develop a brand-new and innovative orchestral repertoire with stylistic influences ranging from classical to jazz and from folk to free…. the music written for this band has no exclusion zones.
Free Range Music is the title of their new cd and it displays the wonderfully broad and inspiring diversity of uniquely personal styles, with influences ranging from classical to jazz and from folk to free…. truly Free Range music. With works by Susanne Paul, Fee Stracke, Ruth Schepers and Hazel Leach, among others.
JazzHausMusik - JHM 224

New CD - Judith Shatin

Time to Burn is Judith Shatin’s third solo CD for innova Recordings. It show a rich cross-section of her acoustic and electronic music. Called “highly inventive on every level; hugely enjoyable and deeply involving, with a constant sense of surprise” by The Washington Post, Shatin’s music combines vivid timbral hues with perceptually clear forms. All the works share qualities of temporal intensity and an element of burning.
Listen to Elijah's Chariot for string quartet and electronics in our broadcast on April 27th!
Innova 845

New CD - Fie Schouten

Ladders of Escape is an Attacca-cd series featuring musicians searching for a "ladder of escape" freeing them from the limitations of their instruments and their repertoire. The bass clarinet is at center stage in this new release with soloist Fie Schouten.
Works by Mauricio Kagel, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Rozalie Hirs, Robin de Raaff and Unsuk Chin.
A detailed interview (in Dutch) with Fie Schouten about music and her instrument can be found here>>
Ladder of Escape 11
Attacca 2014140

New CD - Hildegunn Øiseth

Valencia is Norwegian trumpetist's Hildegunn Øiseth new album richly filled with Iberian and Nordic tone palettes. The surroundings of Valencia, where this was recorded proved to be an important inspirational source for her third cd.
A few tracks will be broadcasted in our program on Sunday, April 13th (Radio Monalisa).
Losen Records NO2NJ1321

New CD - Meredith Monk

Piano Songs is the title of Meredith Monk's new cd. Written or derived from work composed between 1971 and 2006, the pieces inhabit Monk’s unique universe, as played by two of new music’s most distinguished interpreters, pianists Ursula Oppens and Bruce Brubaker. These pieces are ‘songs’ because they have strong roots in Monk’s pieces for voice, and because they are direct, specific, and imagistic.
ECM New Series 2374

New CD - Anne van Schothorst

Harpiste en componiste Anne Vanschothorst lanceert deze maand haar nieuwe album: EK IS EIK. Klassieke muziekliefhebbers, maar ook jazz-lovers kunnen hun hart ophalen bij Anne’s genre-overschrijdende composities. Over de hedendaagse klassieke harpklanken zijn jazzy improvisaties gesampled. De artiesten die meewerkten aan het album zijn Saskia Laroo (jazz-trompet), Bob van Luijt (bass-gitaar), Ernst Stolz (viola da gamba) en Arthur Bont (percussie).
Meer hier>>

New CD - Kasia Glowicka

Last year Kasia Glowicka was at Gdansk Music Academy with pianist Malgorzata Walentynowicz (first prize winner of the Gaudeamus Interpreters' Competition 2009) working with sound engineer Anna Kasprzycka.
The result is RED SUN, seven tracks (55 minutes) of mind-captivating music for piano and computer.
Glowicka: It definitely felt like a great experience. I somehow prefer this situation of concentrated, dedicated time, with the lights of desk lamps, darkness of the dimmed stage, sublimed, somehow impossible sound of instrument transmitted via multitude of microphones….
Bolt Records 1022

New CD - Eleni Karaindrou

Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou's collaborations with stage director Antonis Antypas have generated some of her most powerful music. Medea, like her earlier work Trojan Women, comes out of this association. Created to accompany performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the music vibrates with emotional intensity.
Musicians: Socratis Sinopoulos: Constantinople lute & lyra; Haris Lambrakis: ney; Nikos Guinos: clarinet; Marie-Cecile Boulard: clarinet; Giorgos Kaloudis: violoncello; ; Andreas Katsigiannis: santouri; Andreas Papas: bendir; Eleni Karaindrou: voice; Choir directed by Antonis Kontogeorgiou
ECM 2376

New CD - Sylvia Maessen

Inspired by Poetry - Chamber Music with Voice
Irene Maessen zingt liederen van Sylvia Maessen
Sylvia Maessen is een veelzijdig componist. Uit haar pen vloeide jazz en wereldmuziek, maar ook het Nederlandstalig oratorium ‘Nova Zembla’. Sopraan Irene Maessen (haar zus) inspireerde haar tot het schrijven van klassieke liederen. In tien jaar tijd ontstond een afwisselend en verrassend oeuvre op gedichten uit alle windstreken en eeuwen. Op teksten van o.a. de zestiende eeuwse Tullia d’Aragona, Hadewijch en Wendela de Vos (1947).

Musici: Irene Maessen (sopraan), Eleonore Pameijer (fluit) , Yfynke Hoogeveen (klarinet), John Anderson (klarinet), Jacobien Rozemond (viool), Nina Hitz (cello), Sylvia Maessen (contrabas), Hans van der Maas (accordeon), Arjan Roos (slagwerk), Marja Bon en Loes van Ras (piano).
Future Classics
In februari worden een aantal werken van die cd uitgezonden tijdens Radio Monalisa

New CD - Jessica Krash

Jessica Krash is a composer and pianist from Washington D.C. In 2010 she received a Wammie (Washington Area Musica Association's Grammy).
Her first cd released on the Capstone Records (obstructed view - new works for solo piano) featured her piano music.
The major work on this new release is Be Seeing You, for string quartet and piano. This was commissioned by the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of Women in the Arts and is inspired by 14 depictions of women found in these two museums.
This work will be broadcasted in December on Radio Monalisa.
what I wanted to tell you
Albany Records - TROY 1420

New CD - Hiromi

Hiromi, is a Japanese jazz composer and pianist known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances and blend of musical genres such as post-bop, progressive rock, classical and fusion in her compositions.
Her new (9th!) cd MOVE! has just been released and she will also be performing at the Dutch - Night of the Proms with The Trio Project, Anthony Jackson (contrabass) and Simon Phillips (drums).
November 22-26, 2013 - Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Move - Hiromi Uehara
TELARC 33814

New CD - Ayala Asherov

Cycles of the Moon is the new release from composer Ayala Asherov (Israel, 1968); a colorful and touching cross-section of works from the various cycles of her life. The music is tonal and intended to be accessible: "I didn't want to write what I though a listener would not want to hear. My guiding light, the melody, is something one can hold on to while exercising the imagination.
This album is a product of collaborating with many excellent musicians, dancers, visual artists from all over the world…
Contemporary writing for Chamber Ensembles.
Navona Records: NV5928

New CD - ONE

New Music: New Ireland
This is the first release in a new series from the Contemporary Music Centre in Ireland.
Works that re-imagine traditional music in diverse individual approaches.
Music by, among others, Karen Power, Deirdre McKay and Linda Buckley.

New CD - Dobrinka Tabakova

String Paths has just been released on ECM Records. It is a compilation of significant compositions for strings written between 2002-2008 as well as a celebration of Dobrinka Tabakova's professional musical friendships of over 15 years.
Dobrinka Tabakova is also Composer of the Month June on Radio Monalisa.

New CD - Iva Bittová

Singer/violinist/composer Iva Bittová (Czech Repubic, 1958) has said: “The violin is a mirror reflecting my dreams and imagination. I believe there are fundamentals to my performance, such as the music’s vibration and resonance between violin and my voice.”
12 compositions, 42 minutes of idiosyncratic ‘folk’ music, contemporary composition, improvisation, any and all of these may apply from moment to moment.
More info here>>

New CD - Jocelyn Pook

Best known for her score for Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, Jocelyn Pook is an award-winning composer who writes music for film, television, theatre, dance and the concert platform.
She won the Jocelyn has won the British Composer Award in the category Stage Works for her soundtrack DESH.
PM001 - More information here>>

New CD - Robyn Schulkowsky

Armadillo (1990–2007) is one large-scale piece in four sections lasting approximately an hour. One might think of the image of a Mayan temple, with a large broad base rising pyramid-like to smaller structures at the top. Almost all of the music’s sound is from drums, in a full range from high to very low. The trio’s playing is virtuosic, precise and finely modulated in color and dynamics.
Robyn Schulkowsky, percussion
Fredy Studer, drums
Joey Baron, drums
New World Records 80739-2

New CD - Jennifer Higdon

An Exaltation of Larks
This recording feature three recent chamber works:
- An Exaltation of Larks for String Quartet
- Scenes from the Poet's Dreams for piano quintet
- Light Refracted for clarinet, violin, viola , cello and piano

Jennifer Higdon on An Exaltation of Larks: The first time someone told me that a collection of Larks is called an “Exaltation”, I immediately thought, 'What a sound an exaltation of larks must make!'--How to capture the beauty of the idea of exalting and singing? A string quartet seemed perfect!

The Lark Quartet
Todd Palmer, clarinet
Blair McMillen, piano
Bridge 9379

New CD - Eleni Karaindrou

Met haar tiende CD “Concert in Athens” keert Eleni Karaindrou terug naar de Athens Concert Hall, met een groep muzikale vrienden om zich heen zoals saxofonist Jan Garbarek, altvioliste Kim Kashkashian, hoboïst Vangelis Christopoulos en vele anderen.

Karaindrou komt op 24 januari naar Flagey in Brussel voor het concert van "Het stof der tijden" ("Dust of Time")! Dit is het resultaat van de laatste samenwerking tussen de componiste Eleni Karaindrou en de Griekse cineast Theo Angelopoulos, vóór diens overlijden op 24 januari 2012. Vanaf "Le voyage à Cythère" (De reis naar Kythira) nodigt dit concert-portret ons uit op een zuiver muzikale reis, waarbij beelden van muzikale en cinematografische harmonie door ons geheugen zinderen.

Karaindrou speelt op 24 januari samen met : Musiques Nouvelles l’Ensemble (Orkestrale Bezetting: 23 instrumenten), onder leiding van dirigent Jean-Paul Dessy, en Eleni Karaindrou zelf op piano solo. Tijdens dit concert worden dus voor een deel ook stukken gespeeld die op het nieuwe album van Karaindrou te horen zijn

New CD - Trio ÆroDynamic

Trio ÆroDynamic is a trio specializing in the performance of both contemporary and medieval avant-garde music.
Harma Everts, voice
Stephanie Brandt & María Martínez Ayerza, recorders

Their new release is The Garden with Countless Window - Voice and recorders in a different light with music by a.o. Katarzyna Arnhold, Elizabeth Gaskill and Aspasia Nasopoulou.
Lindoro 3012

New CD - Tansy Davies

Tansy Davies (Bristol, 1973) is an English composer of modern classical and avant-garde works. She studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Royal Holloway College, won the BBC Young Composers' Competition in 1996 and has written works for the London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra a.o.
Spine is the title of her new cd - one reaction from the press: It's hard to think of another British composer whose rise through the hierarchy of British music has been so rapid, fuelled by high-profile commissions. As this disc shows, her music is at its most compelling when it creates vivid textures, drawing on rock and pop idioms to give it edge and pungency' The Guardian
Spine - NMC D176

New CD - Beata Moon

Dinner is West (2005) cello, piano - Wood, Water & Land (2006) marimba; Tenancy (2011) cello, piano; Dragonfly (2010) clarinet, viola, piano; Dickinson Songs (2006) soprano, guitar; A Collage of Memories (2005) violin, piano; Rhapsody (2009) piano
Beata Moon, compositions and piano
Arash Amini, cello
Cyrus Beroukhim, violin
Patricia Davis, violin
Patrick Durek, guitar
Benjamin Fingland, clarinet
Lisa Flanagan, soprano
Jessica Meyer, viola
Wai-Chi Tang, marimba

New CD - Nederlandse Liederen

muziek van Bertha Frensel Wegener-Koopman, Alphons Diepenbrock, Bernard Wagenaar, Louis Victor Saar en Anny Mesritz van Velthuysen
Elisabeth von Magnus, sopraan
Jacob Bogaart, piano
Quirine Viersen, cello
NMI CD 1201

New CD - Fanny Mendelssohn

Sonates, Preludes, Fugues and Toccatas by Fanny Mendelssohn
performed by Joanne Polk, an exclusive Steinway artist.
Bridge Records - 9367

New CD - Victoria Jordanova

Kosmogonia - Piano Diaries of a Musical Alchemist
Mappa della Memoria; Three Sonatinas; Genesis and Kosmogonia for piano, vibrating gloves and electronics
Victoria Jordanova, acoustic and amplified piano

New CD - Arianna Savall

Hirundo Maris - Chants du Sud et du Nord
Arianna Savall: voice, Gothic harp, Italian triple harp
Petter Udland Johansen: voice, hardingfele, mandolin
Sveinung Lilleheier: guitar, Dobro, voice
Miquel Àngel Cordero: double-bass, voice
David Mayoral: percussion, voice

Hirundo Maris is Latin for “sea swallow” and, like that bird’s flight, harpist Arianna Savall’s quintet – part early music ensemble, part folk group – drifts on musical currents between Norway and Catalonia, and adds its own songs, created on the wing. Savall and co-leader Petter Udland Johansen have shaped a band with a bright, glistening timbral blend, capped by Arianna’s ice-clear voice, well-equipped to address songs of the north and the south. is Latin for “sea swallow” and, like that bird’s nomadic flight, harpist Arianna Savall’s quintet – part early music ensemble, part folk group – drifts on musical currents between Norway and Catalonia, and adds its own songs, created on the wing. Savall and co-leader Petter Udland Johansen have shaped a band with a bright, glistening timbral blend, capped by Arianna’s ice-clear voice, well-equipped to address songs of the north and the south.

ECM New Series 2227

New CD - Hazel Leach

Songs from the Edge - Music & Lyrics: Hazel Leach
performed by PLoTS
Simin Tander, vocals
Tessa Zoutendijk, violin
Esmée Olthuis, soprano & alto saxophones
Laia Genc, piano
More info here: JHM 208
Website Hazel Leach

New CD - Hilary Tann

Here, The Cliffs is a retrospective CD of Hilary Tann’s orchestral music from 1994-2004.
With the Heater and Small Birds
In the First, Spinning Place
From the Feather to the Mountain
Here, The Cliffs
From Afar
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Kirk Trevor, conductor
František Novotný, violin
Debra Richtmeyer, alto saxophone
More info here>>

New CD - Sophia Serghi

Night of Light
Night of Light / Ikon / Full Moon Haiku / Cantus integritatis
Works for soprano and orchestra
with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conducting
Alena Hellerova, soprano
Lucie Silkenova, soprano
Eliska Weissova, mezzo soprano
Navonna Records 5866

New CD - Irène Schweizer

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - Piano Solo Tonhalle Zürich
Live recording from April 11, 2011with the following works:

1. To Whom It May Concern (Irène Schweizer) 10:48
2. Hüben ohne drüben (Irène Schweizer) 4:40
3. Scratching at the Tonhalle (Irène Schweizer) 4:52
4. Jungle Beat III (Irène Schweizer) 3:05 /
The Train and the River (J. Giuffre) 2:45 (5 : 50)
5. Homage to Don Cherry (Irène Schweizer) 3:59
6. Ida Lupino (Carla Bley) 3:49
7. Four in One (Thelonious Monk) 2:52
8. Bleu Foncé (Irène Schweizer) 4:18
9. Xaba (Dollar Brand) 4:25
10. Final Ending (Irène Schweizer) 5:51

More on Irène Schweizer here>>

Intakt Records 200/2012

New CD - Hanna Kulenty

Music 4

GG Concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra
Music for Roy for mixed choir and chamber orchestra
Breathe for string orchestra
Sinequan Forte B for solo amplified cello with delay and chamber orchestra
with Goska Isphording, Bartosz Koziak, Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Ernst Kovacic
all works published by Music Center the Netherlands
DUX 0823

Re-release Laural Firant

Laurel Firant’s cd Music for solo piano and violin and piano has just been re-released this week on the Ravello label in MP3 format. For more information click here>>
Radio Monalisa will be broadcastingTrancelation for solo piano on Wednesday, 15 February between 9 & 10 p.m.
Listen live!

New CD - Eleanor Hovda

The Eleanor Hovda Collection - 4 CD Box featuring four hours of her incomparable work
The 'sound around the sound'. Listening to the margins, where space, breath, and gesture open new territories where music might operate. Extended techniques join a Noh sensibility. Meet Eleanor Hovda's extraordinary, rigorous yet wispy, soundworld. Beloved of choreographers (including Baryshnikov and Nancy Meehan).
Performed by: Prism Players, Eleanor Hovda, Libby Van Cleve, Jack Vees, Relache, William McGlaughlin, Cassatt String Quartet, California EAR Unit, Jan Weller, David Gilbert, Elizabeth Panzer, Lee Humphries, Dan Coody & Jeannine Wagar, among others.
Innova 808 - The Label of the American Composers Forum

New CD - Dutch Sonatas

for Violoncello and Piano Vol. 4
music by Dirk Schäfer, Gérard Hekking and
Henriëtte Bosmans’ Trios Impressions + Sonata in A minor
Doris Hochscheid, violoncello
Frans van Ruth, piano
AudioMax 903 1703-6

New CD - Meininger Trio

Voices of the Rainforest
Works by Elisenda Fábregas, Libby Larsen, Chen Yi & Kate Waring
Aller-Zeitung review of the trio’s live performance earlier this year: "Enthusiasted audience listens breathlessly - Elisenda Fábregas' Voices of the Rainforest leads the three instrumentalists technically and harmonically together in a way that makes the audience listen breathlessly. The musicians with special sounds and breathing technics as well as knocking and pizzicato effects converted brilliantly the awakening birdcalls in the morning, the filtering light through the trees, the buzzing of the insects, the final breakdown of raindrops and the voices of the night into very lively pictures".
PH110390 - Hänssler Edition
The Meininger Trio

New CD - Sinikka Langeland

The Land That is Not - A fine combination of folk music en contemporary jazz!
Sinikka Langeland: vocal, kantele, compositions
Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Trygve Seim: tenor and soprano saxophones
Anders Jormin: double-bass
Markku Ounaskari: drum

ECM 2210

New CD - Sofia Goebaidoelina

Seven Words for classical accordion, violoncello and strings
In Croce - for classical accordion and violoncello
Kadenza - for classical accordion
Et exspecto - sonata for classical accordion in 5 movements
Basque National Orchestra under José Ramón Encinar
Iñaki Alberdi, accordeon
Asier Polo, cello

New CD - Grażyna Bacewicz

Premiere Recordings of the Violin Concertos, Volume 2
Joanna Kurkowicz, violin
Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra under Lukasz Borowicz
Following a serious accident, Bacewicz concentrated on composition. Much of her music is written for violin, with seven violin concertos and five sonatas for violin and piano.
On this new release, Violin Concertos Nrs. 2, 4, and 5.
Chandos 10673

New CD - Mirjam Tally

Eclipse - Orchestral works by Mirjam Tally (Sweden, 1976)
featuring: Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra,Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Eric Ericson’s Chamber Choir and soloists Mari Targo (violin), Monika Mattiesen (flutes), Jaan Varts (electric guitar)

Sound is central in Mirjam Tally’s creations. Her music is a flow of playful contrasts where a sense of humor and poetic use of sound are blended.
Eclipse - CD MT0001

New CD - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow - Modern Orchestral Works is a new release including:
Tracing a Dream by Rain Worthington
Finding the Murray River and Sleep, Child by Rebecca Oswald
Boundaries and Interiors by Adrienne Albert

with a.o. Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
and conductors Ovidiu Marinescu, Vit Micka and Marshall Haddock
Navona Records Records

New CD - Hiromi

Hiromi, piano keyboards
Anthony Jackson, contrabass guitar
Simon Philips, drums
Telarc CD 32819
More about Hiromi here>>

New CD - Meredith Monk

Songs of Ascension
This major new work features Monk’s compositions, visual elements developed in collaboration with renowned artist Ann Hamilton
live music performed by Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble, string quartet and chorus.
Check out the video preview here>>
ECM New Series 2154

New CD - Sylvie Courvoisier

Hôtel du Nord
This is the 6th release jazz pianist Sylvie Courvoisier has made with the Swiss label Intakt Records.
Sylvie Courvoisier - Mark Feldman Quartet
Intakt CD 192

New CD - Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté

Double CD with The Six Piano Sonatas by Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté (1899-1974)
Marc-André Hamelin, piano
Canadian Music Centre CMCCD 16611

New CD - Faye-Ellen Silverman

Transatlantic Tales
This recording is a symbol of cross-ocean friendship between composer Faye-Ellen Silverman and guitarist Volkmar Zimmermann and includes two pieces commissioned by Zimmermann and his Corona Guitar Kwartet. All the works feature guitar and range from works for solo guitar, guitar quartet and works for voice with guitar.
TROY 1250 (Albany Records)

In 2008 Manhattan Stories was released, a cd which, according to composer
Faye-Ellen Silverman ”comes from the life-long love affair with the borough of my birth — Manhattan — in the city of New York. Here many of my friends live, and here the compositions on this CD originate. Each piece tells its own story.”
Performers: Lisa Albrecht, trombone; Mary Barto, flute and alto flute; Andrew Bove, tuba; Kari Jane Docter, cello; Bruno Eicher, violin; Ann Ellsworth, horn; Jeanne Corinne Goffi-Fynn, soprano; David Jolley, horn; Michael Lipsey, marimba; Jo Williamson, mezzo-soprano.
TROY 1055 (Albany Records)
This month tracks from these two cds will be broadcasted by Radio Monalisa.

New CD - Maria Rosa Ribas

Les Ales del Vent (De vleugels van de wind)
Poesies de Màrius Torres / Música de Maria Rosa Ribas
14 liederen op gedichten van Marius Torres voor zangstem en begeleiding van verschillende instrumenten.
Columna Música 1CM0244
Op 30 mei wordt het werk Sweet Angel of Death, voor sopraan en strijkkwartet uitgezonden via Radio Monalisa

New CD - Ann Southam

Glass Houses Revisited
Canadian composer
Ann Southam (1937-2010) and pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico collaborated on this project and together chose nine pieces from Southam’s mammoth piano series Glass Houses. With the composer’s permission Petrowska Quilico edited and revised these works for this recording just before the Southam’s death in 2010.
Glass Houses Revisited are fiendishly difficult etudes for pianists. Fingers become whirling dervishes entering a mystical and ecstatic trance through suddenly shifting patterns and moods.
CMC CD16511
Canadian Music Centre

New CD - Unsuk Chin

The works:
Fantaisie mécanique (1994, REV. 1997), Patrick Davin conducting
Xi (1997/1998), David Robertson conducting
Akorstichon-Wortspiel (1991/1993), Kazuschi Ono conducting
Double Concerto (2002), Stefan Asbury conducting (this work will be broadcasted on Radio Monalisa - May 9th at 4:00 p.m.)
Piia Komsi, soprano
Samule Favre, percusssion
Dimitri Vassilakis, piano
Ensemble intercontemporain

New CD - Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010

Deze dubbel-cd  Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010 toont de diversiteit van de recente Nederlandse elektronische muziek: knarsend, knetterend, welluidend, theatraal, keihard, subtiel, ingetogen... 
Tracks van 26 componisten vertegenwoordigen verschillende benaderingen zoals tapemuziek, concertmuziek voor akoestische instrumenten en elektronica, live-elektronica, geluidsinstallaties en -omgevingen, elektronisch muziektheater, compositie en improvisatie.
Met muziek van o.a. Rozalie Hirs, Alison Isadora, Anne La Berge, Cathy van Eck en Huba de Graaff.
hier voor meer info.
BASTA Records 30940420

New CD - Julia Hülsmann

Imprint - Julia Hülsmann Trio
Julia Hülsmann
  • Meer dan ritmiek of strakke composities, is de vrije melodie een cruciale component voor Hülsmann en haar muziek
  • “My music is all about melody. It’s that simple”. - Julia Hülsmann
  • “Full of elegantly-constructed melodies that seem natural extensions of the thematic material at hand: there is a kind of musical poetry at work here which is as absorbing as it is fulfilling.” - Jazzwise magazine
  • “Imprint” is een album met evenwichtige, lyrische nummers opgenomen in de Rainbow Studio in Oslo in maart 2010
Julia Hülsmann: piano
Marc Muellbauer: bass
Heinrich Köbberling: drums
ECM 2177

New CD - Lee Pui Ming

Premiere recording of she comes to shore
Lee Piu Ming has been hailed as the most 'unique genius to touch a keyboard in Canada since Glenn Gould’.
This album reveals the artistry of someone who has clear influences from classical music, jazz and sonic exploration.
All solos on this album are improvised
The Bay-Atlantic Symphony
Lee Piu Ming, piano
Innova 796

New CD - Augusta Read Thomas

American Weavings - music for viola and organ
Carol Rodland, viola
Catherine Rodland, organ
Two of the compositions featured on this new cd are viola solos by Augusta Read Thomas
These works, Incantation and Pulsar, will be broadcasted Monday, March 28th on Radio Monalisa.
Crystal Records 839

New CD - Leonora Milà

Leonora Milà (Barcelona, 1942)
Tiran Lo Blanc ballet, Op. 50
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Brian Wright, conductor

This work was premiered by the St. Petersburg Ballet in 1996 and recorded on dvd.
Both the dvd and cd recordings are now available on the Limit / El Far Blau label.
More info:

New CD - Lisa Bielawa

Chance Encounter
Susan Naruki, soprano
The Knights
Orange Mountain Music - 7004
The cd will be broadcasted on March 14, 2011 via
Radio Monalisa.

New CD - Elena Kats-Chernin

elena kats-chernin
Elena Kats-Chernin:
Wild Swans Concert Suite
Piano Concerto No. 2
with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Ola Rudner, conductor
ABC Classics CD 476 7639

New CD - Rosy Wertheim

rosy wertheim
Highly Recommendable: double CD - ROSY WERTHEIM (Amsterdam 1888-1949)
Sonata for violin and piano
String Quartet
Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon
Six morceaux for piano
Songs on dutch and german poems
Sonatina for cello and piano
Trois Morceaux for flute and piano
Three Preludes for ‘Lancelot‘ for flute, violin, viola and cello

New CD - Anne vanschothorst

anne vanschothorst
then it became clear - 
original minimal music for harp and percussion
with anne van schothorst, harp and arthur bont, percussion
H&S Music HS310

New CD - Abbey Lincoln

Melancholy - Abbey Lincoln
Recorded in New York - October 1957, August 1958, Spring 1959
JazzCAT 2520

The Singing Rooms - Jennifer Higdon

Jennifer Higdon (New York, 1962) has become a major figure in contemporary classical music and makes her living from commissions, completing between 5-10 pieces a year. These works represent a range of genres, from orchestral to chamber and from choral and vocal to wind ensemble. Recently released on cd is The Singing Rooms, a violin concerto with an equally important part for chorus and was sparked by a request from violinist Jennifer Koh.

World Premier Recording of The Singing Rooms by Jennifer Higdon
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of Robert Spano
Jennifer Koh, violin
Telarc - 32630

New CD - Konstantia Gourzi

Konstantia Gourzi (1962, Greece), is een belangrijke pionier van hedendaagse muziek. Ze is oprichtster van verschillende nieuwe ensembles en ze is professor aan de Hochschüle fur Musik und Theater in München.
Op haar nieuwste cd Conjuctions - Synápsies 7 werken waarin zij een brug slaat tussen tradionele muziek en de hedendaags manier van uitdrukken.
De uitvoerende zijn: Apollon Musagète Quartett, Vassilis Agrokostas (psalmist) , Michalis Cholevas (tarhu, saz, ney), Christian Elsässer (piano) and Konstantia Gourzi (conductor)
NEOS 11035

New CD - Chaya Czernowin

Chaya Czernowin (Israel, 1957) - MAIM (water) 2002-2006
This cycle includes the following works for 5 soloists, live electronics & orchestra: Maim zarim maim Gnuvim (strange water stolen water), The memory of water & Mei mecha’a (water of dissent)
Recorded live at the Konzerthaus Berlin in March 2007 during the MaerzMusic Festival of Contemporary Music by the Berliner Festspiele
MODE 219

New CD - Yma Sumac

Haar echte naam was Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo, haar bijnaam was: de Inca Prinses. Yma Sumac begon haar carrière als zangeres bij de Compañia Peruana de Arte, een groep van 46 dansers, zangers en musici. De groep toerde door Zuid-Amerika. In 1946 verhuisde Yma Sumac naar New York.
yma sumac
Zij produceerde een aantal legendarische lounge-opnames van Zuid-Amerikaanse volksliederen, gerelateerd aan de Inca-cultuur. In 1950 begon haar succesvolle samenwerking met Capitol Records, er werden albums uitgebracht in verschillende stijlen, zoals mambo dance, Peruaanse folksongs, alles in een aantrekkelijke jazzy Hollywood stijl met begeleiding van geweldige orkesten.
De combinatie van haar unieke stem, haar exotische uiterlijk en haar extravagante persoonlijkheid maakte Yma Sumac razend populair bij het Amerikaanse publiek. Ze kreeg filmrollen en werd in 1955 Amerikaans staatsburger. In 1960 begon Yma Sumac aan een wereldtournee die 5 jaar zou duren. Prins Bernard en Koningin Wilhelmina waren enorme fans van Yma Sumac. Tot aan het eind van haar leven trok Yma Sumac volle zalen.
Yma Sumac - Karibe Taki - TL 1351

Seminar rond Anna Cramer

Het Nederlands Muziek Instituut (NMI) organiseert samen met de Vrienden Nederlandse Muziek een seminar rond de Nederlandse componiste Anna Cramer (1874-1968).
Er zijn lezingen over het leven en werk van deze componiste die een aanzienlijk oeuvre heeft geschreven dat van bijzondere kwaliteit is. Het NMI heeft enkele jaren geleden al een eerste bundel met liederen van Cramer uitgegeven. En de aanleiding voor de vervolguitgave van nog eens twee liedbundels ontstond nadat dirigent Stephan Pas een concertserie initieerde met een nieuwe orkestratie van enkele liederen van Cramer, en de CD-opname die daaruit voortvloeide.
anna cramer

Datum: zaterdag 20 november 2010
Tijd: 13:00 tot 16:30 uur
In de aula van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag
aanmelden via: of 070-3140721

Lees meer over Anna Cramer hier>>

New CD - Annette Kruisbrink

'Resonant Light'  van Arlette Ruelens
Uitgave: Les Productions d'OZ 
composities van Annette Kruisbrink
Raga Suite; Carnatic Interlude; Tendresse; Una Palabra de Consuelo-Variations on Opou Episkiasi I Haris Sou; Ahimsa; Preludio a un Momento di Silenzio
Bestel hier>>

New CD - Rozalie Hirs

Rozalie Hirs presenteert op zaterdag 13 november haar nieuwe cd 'Pulsars' in Cineac Sonore, de elektronische luisterkamer van festival November Music in 's-Hertogenbosch. De officiële presentatie is om 15.00 uur. De entree is gratis. Op het nieuwe album staan drie elektro-akoestische composities van de Nederlandse componist/dichter, te weten 'Pulsars' (2007), 'In LA' (2010) en 'Bridge of Babel' (2010). Alle stukken bevatten gedichten door Rozalie Hirs.

New CD - British Women Composers

Een bloemlezing van werken voor viool en piano uit de de 19e en 20ste eeuw. Met grote namen als Ethel Smyth en Elizabeth Maconchy en minder bekenden als Poldowski, Phyllis Tate en Ethel Barns.
Uitvoerenden: Clare Howick, viool en Sophia Rahman, piano
NAXOS - 8.572291

New CD - Edith Tamayo

Patita Salada is de titel van de nieuwe cd van Edith Tamayo (Mexico, 1972). Daarop een mix van traditionals en eigen materiaal; vooral akoestische materiaal in een opwekkende Latin stijl met heldere glanzende gitaren en rijke percussie.
Snail Records / Coast to Coast

The Traveller

Dat is de titel van de 4de cd van Tineke Postma, verschenen op de nieuw jazzlabel van Codaex, EtceteraNow. Vorig jaar dook Postma een studio in waar acht eigen composities werden opgenomen. Dat was in Brooklyn, NY waar ook pianist Geri Allen en drummer Terri Lyne Carrington van de partij waren.
geri allen
tineke postma
terri lyne carrington

New CD - Sally Beamish

sally beamish
Op de nieuwe cd van Sally Beamish (UK, 1956) staan drie orkestwerken: VIolin Concerto (1994), Callisto (2005) voor fluit en orkest en haar Symphony No.1 uit 1992.
Uitvoerenden zijn The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, fluitist Sharon Bezaly en dirigent Martyn Brabbins

Chamber Music Society

Dat is de titel van de nieuwe cd van contrabassiste/zangeres/componiste Esperanza Spalding. combineert soul, jazz . Een strijktrio voorziet Spalding's band van een klassiek touch.
Ook live te horen:
woensdag 27 oktober - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ - 20.15 Amsterdam.


Title of the debut album from Amsterdam’s Trio Scordatura. A cd full of dark, gothic beauty with music by 7 Irish composers including Linda Buckley and Judith Ring. Take a look at the interview Jonathan Grimes did with these two composers.
Ergodos Regords ER1

nieuwe cd van Multifoon

Indi Go - fijne nieuwe cd van Gamelan Ensemble Multifoon
Een muzikale expeditie die de muziek van India en Indonesië verbindt. Nieuwe composities en bewerkingen van
Sinta Wullur en Martijn Baaijens. Pan Records 9902

Soesja's Songbook

Jazz-zangeres Soesja Citroen heeft 12 eigen composities gebundeld en uitgebracht in boekvorm. Soesja’s Songbook bevat arrangementen, lead sheets, songteksten en aanvullende informatie.
Website Soesja Citroen

Calliope Tsoupaki's St. Luke Passion

Nieuwe cd met live opnamen van St. LUKE PASSION van Calliope Tsoupaki (Griekenland, 1963). In de uitvoering van het Nieuw Ensemble + 3 instrumentalisten op ney, kemençe en qanun (o.l.v.  Ed Spanjaard ) + 3 zangers,  Egidius Kwartet en Byzantijns Koor. Deze Lucas Passie was volgens musicologe Thea Derks het hoogtepunt van het Holland Festival 2008. '....een meesterwerk dat wereldwijde erkenning verdient'. Te koop via reguliere muziekwinkels. CD nr.  ETCETERA KTC 1402

Guitar Music by Women Composers

Guitar Music by Women Composers (CD included)
Research, transcription, revision, fingering and layout by Annette Kruisbrink
(composers: Mlle Bocquet, Emilia Giuliani-Guglielmi, Madame Knoop, Madame Sidney Pratten, Madeleine Cottin, Maria Rita Brondi, Josefina P. de Morisoli, Lisanella Gentili, Carmen Farré de Prat, Maria Louisa Anido, Gisèle Sikora, Annette Kruisbrink)
For solo guitar (ISBN: 978-2-89655-234-4)

See Annette's website for more information

New CD - Elodie Lauten

Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you the excitement of the long-awaited release of the 2CD set PIANO MUSIC REVISITED from Unseen Worlds.The set compiles out-of-print favorites "Piano Works" and "Concerto for Piano and Orchestral Memory",  "Variations on the Orange Cycle" (included in Chamber Music America's Century List), and other previously unreleased music. Nearly all of the music has never been available on CD, and is newly re-mastered for digital presentation. To mark this momentous occasion, I was invited by Arts Olympus to perform a solo piano program in the first 2010 World Olympus of the Arts on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California on June 18-20, 2010. In addition, Arts Olympus is having a fundraiser hosted by the Gershwin Hotel (7 West 27th St) where I will perform excerpts from the new CD and a new set of recently composed Tangos. This will take place on Sunday, April 25 at 4PM. I hope that you will join us on April 25 within the incomparable orange walls of the Gershwin Hotel.
Best regards,

Elodie Lauten

Listen to Elodie Lauten's Music on MySpace Visit ORDER CDS: SPECIAL ORDERS AND DISCOUNTS: