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Cecilia Arditto - 1st Prize

Cecilia Arditto has received the first prize in the prestigious Rychenberg Composition Competition for Orchestra, for her first orchestral work Tissue.
There were three women in the final, for a total of four prizes, that were chosen based on anonymous score-reading.
From the jury report: …" Cecilia Arditto has found a very individual approach to Adél Koleszár's Wounds of Violence photo series: in Tissue, the orchestra grouped around the percussion at the centre becomes the "skin" – a sensory organ in both acoustic and visual terms. This "skin" reacts sensitively to wounds suffered by the human spirit, translating them directly into sound. The work is convincing in its extraordinary aural innovations, subtle dramatic composition and what could be described as chastened clarity, which introduces all involved to a new, different way of listening.
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiM3Kj7-VIA&feature=emb_title