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26 hours in Leiden

The ultimate palindrome date 02-02-2020 is coming! In our project, anywhere in the world on 02-02-2020, 20:20, an art programme will be presented. 02-02-2020, won the highest possible score in the extraordinary numerical order of dates that will not be found in the coming few decades. A group of enthusiastic artists from all over the world would like to give artistic responses to this special day. Partner locations include Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan, Melbourne, Barcelona, Athens, Vancouver, etc.. and more than 40 artists from different countries will present their works in responding to the theme 02022020.

When a timezone enters the day 20:20, an art programme will be released at our website ( 02022020.space). Currently there are 38 timezones in use, we will release in total 26 hours of events. Our station in Netherlands will host the 26 hours of event in Scheltema Leiden. And there will be live performances throughout the day. Highlighting new music programmes include New European Ensemble Project, they will perform pieces by a.o. Lise Morrison and Lam Lai. 4 of the pieces are 0202202.SPACE exclusive! Our Finale programme are created by music theater maker Liesbeth Vreeburg about the disappearance of time, which will close this event in a very poetic way.

More info: Art, Music & Theater | Ephemeral Fever